Social Promise partners with Ugandan nonprofits to help provide critical
health and educational resources to their local communities.


Our Partners

In keeping with our philosophy of supporting Ugandan nonprofits without intervening in ways that create greater dependency, we do our best to ensure that our donations to their operations do not create any additional burdens for our partners.

Purchase A New Ambulance Fund For Lacor Hospital

Currently in Northern Uganda there is no organized ambulance service ready to move patients from its rural health clinics to the main hospital campus. The demand for the ambulance services is on the rise – mainly to serve mothers in difficult labor and children in respiratory distress usually due to anemia (resulting from severe malaria) and pneumonia. And yet Lacor Hospital has only one standby ambulance to serve its three health centers and the enormous community it serves. Recently, concurrent calls for the ambulances are occurring with increased frequency and there is need to find a solution for this other than choosing which patient to bring first to hospital.

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