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Social Promise partners with Ugandan nonprofits to help provide critical
health and educational resources to their local communities.


Our Partners

In keeping with our philosophy of supporting Ugandan nonprofits without intervening in ways that create greater dependency, we do our best to ensure that our donations to their operations do not create any additional burdens for our partners.


Upcoming Event

October 19, 2014: "African Adventure:
A Trip to Uganda” in NYC at Temple Israel

Social Promise hosts the third annual African Adventure to teach young children about the lives of families living in Gulu, Uganda.

Click Here for More Information

Past Events

Make A Donation, Every Dollar Helps


Just a few dollars goes a long way.
$15 could cover a much needed outpatient visit at Lacor Hospital.


$40 could cover one month of complete care for a child with special needs at Consolation Home.


Food, clothes, shelter, medical care
and education—one child's needs for one month at St. Jude’s.


$300 covers a registered nurse’s salary at Lacor Hospital for about one month.

To donate other amounts click here.

If you would prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
Social Promise, 650 S. Wooded Hills Dr., Greencastle, IN 46135

We teach about what we do, so others can join our efforts to make the world a better place.

We hope that as you learn about our achievements, you will be inspired.