Secondary School Education For St. Jude Students

For seven years you supported Otto Enzio by paying his schools fees at St. Jude Primary School.  Otto is now in his third year at Restore Leadership High School in Gulu and you are continuing to support his education. I visited him at school to talk about his experience. His favorite subjects are finance and physics.  Otto participates in several extra-curricular activities in addition to his studies.

Restore Leadership High School

His membership in the Educate! club trains him in entrepreneurship and workforce readiness skills. He is learning to make liquid soaps and charcoal briquettes before going into the community to sell his products.

Restore School selected Otto to attend a service seminar in Kampala.  He learned group leadership skills, individual leadership skills and completed community outreach in the city.  The experience empowered Otto and gave him the courage to participate in an election at school.

Otto campaigned for the position of “Assistant Disciplinary Perfect.”  Students present problems to him and he is responsible for finding an appropriate solution.  If the problem is too big for him to solve on his own, he works with a teacher to arrive at a decision.

Upon graduation from secondary school Otto hopes to attend university to study accounting.  He is thankful to you for your support and tries to repay his debt by serving in his community.  He organizes service projects for groups of fellow students and leads them in activities such as sweeping the town market, slashing grass surrounding water pumps in primary schools and contributing money to various church groups.

Otto Enzio

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