Top 10 Things To Know About Social Promise


What should you know about Social Promise?

Here’s our Social Promise Top 10 List


10. We are a volunteer-run organization; we never use funds from our donors to pay employee salaries.

9. We partner with well-established Ugandan organizations that provide health or educational resources to impoverished communities.

8. Our current partners are St. Jude Children’s Home and Lacor Hospital; both are located in Gulu Uganda.

7. No redundant infrastructures are created: we finance the implementation of pre-existing nonprofit goals already supporting the foundation of the local community.

6. Annually, members of our board of directors visit our partners to observe the work they are accomplishing, quantify what we can do to help, and experience the myriad ways your generous funding is working.

5. A significant component of our mission is to raise awareness in our own communities. We want you to be informed, and to realize that your donation makes an immeasurable impact in this poverty stricken area.

4. We believe that children have a natural ability to empathize, and a corresponding motivation to help others. It is our goal to inspire a lifelong commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy.

3. The African Adventure, an immersive experience for children, teaches about life in rural Uganda through interactive stations, storytelling and music. View coverage of our event in NYC.

2. Because of your generosity, we have sent over $100,000 to our partners in the past two years.

1. We want to hear from you! Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Facebook, and visit our website. Share your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions. Let’s start a conversation.

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