Your Donation

How is it spent?

Choosing to give your money to help strangers shows an incredible degree of caring and empathy.
But the choice to give only makes sense if you know your contribution is truly needed and is being used wisely and efficiently.

Poverty exists in so many places it can be difficult to know where to start helping.  It makes sense to dedicate your contributions where they can do the most good.

In places with severe poverty, a smaller amount of money can often make the difference between life and death.

Northern Uganda has this type of extreme poverty.  So donating to provide medical care in this region will truly save lives.  And donating to provide education will increase the number of people who will be able to support themselves and their families in the future.

The Ugandan National Household Survey in 2016-17 revealed that in the Acholi region of Uganda, where your donations to Social Promise are put to work, about 35% of Ugandans live in households which spend less than what is necessary to meet their caloric requirements and their non-food essential needs.

It is sometimes difficult to imagine what extreme poverty really means for families, so here are some ways to think about this based on real numbers:

From the Ugandan National Survey

In the Acholi Region of Uganda, where your donation is put to work:

70% of children do not eat three meals a day
60% of children do not have a pair of shoes
55% of children do not have their own blanket to sleep under at night

Your donation is truly needed

Social Promise was approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2011, and began operations in 2012.  Over the next six years, you donated just over $400,000 to Social Promise.

Over these six years, the vast majority, 91%, of your donations to Social Promise were directed to our programs.  Only 2% of contributions was used for fundraising costs and 7% was used for operating costs.

A pie chart showing expenses from 2012 until April 25, 2018

Your donation is being used efficiently

Social Promise is a volunteer-only nonprofit.  That means your donation is never paying for the salary of someone at our organization.  Instead you are helping people in northern Uganda with every donation.

Social Promise operating costs include insurance, office supplies, essential software, and end-of-year accounting services.  We watch every penny to make sure your donations are having the largest possible impact in Uganda.

A pie chart showing the expenses for 2017.

The situation in northern Uganda remains bad, but it is absolutely improving.

Life for people in this region is significantly better than in 2000, when you first chose to help them with your donation.

You are making an intelligent decision every time you give to Social Promise in support of the people – especially the children – of northern Uganda.

Thank you for your generosity, your kindness, your empathy, and your trust.
Thank you for acting to make a difference with your contribution.