Your contributions really do make an impact.

We make sure of it.

You built the primary school at St. Jude Children’s Home, supported the creation of Consolation Home for children with special needs, championed the transition to a full-inclusion orphanage serving children in small group homes, and cared for countless orphans each year.  You sent teenage boys and girls to secondary and vocational schools year after year. You bought an ambulance and provided life-saving treatment to thousands at Lacor Hospital.

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You have contributed to the amazing progress that has occurred in one of the poorest places in the world.  A place that was once the center of the horrendous terrorism waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army and still has intense, life-threatening poverty.

A girl sponsored for secondary school

You send about 40 teenage boys and girls to secondary and vocational school every year.– usually about ¾ attend secondary and ¼ attend vocational schools.

The Donated Ambulance

In 2016, you bought a new ambulance for Lacor Hospital.  For pregnant women in difficult labor and for children in severe respiratory distress, ambulance transport can mean the difference between life and death.  And a good ambulance is essential for so much more.  Your new ambulance allowed the hospital to guarantee transfer of patients from Lacor Hospital to Mulago Hospital in Kampala for specialized services.

Children in new wheelchairs

In 2015, your donations purchased 20 wheelchairs for children living at Consolation Home, within St. Jude Children’s Home.  Without your help children are relegated to using makeshift chairs that do not support their unique postural and physical needs.

The staff of Consolation Home helps children to be active within the community by studying, playing, and interacting with friends and caregivers.

In 2008, St. Jude Primary School was able to open its own primary school because of your donations.  This meant the children of St. Jude’s could stop attending schools where there were often 200 children in one class – instead these children now attend one of the highest performing primary schools in northern Uganda

Success Stories because of you

Akumu completed all of secondary school at St. Mary’s College Aboke (arguably the best!) and is now in Pharmacy school.

Aciro Evelyn completed “lower” secondary school, then technical school for a certificate in Hotel and Hospital Management, and now provides for herself with her job working at a hotel in Gulu town.

Adong Phiona Tressy is earning her certificate in electrical installation at Nakawa Vocational Institute.

Obalo Francis, who is completely blind, is enrolled in a Teacher’s College to become a Primary Teacher for the Blind.

Opiyo Peter and Okello Sam Elio graduated technical school and are both employed computer technicians.

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