Helping you provide education and improve health in Uganda

children playing at St. Jude

You make an impact in Uganda

You built the primary school at St. Jude Children’s Home, supported the creation of Consolation Home for children with special needs, championed the transition to a full-inclusion orphanage serving children in small group homes, and cared for countless orphans each year.  You sent teenage boys and girls to secondary and vocational schools year after year. You bought an ambulance and provided life-saving treatment to thousands at Lacor Hospital.

Your contributions really do make a tangible difference.  We make sure of it.

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Your child has learned about poverty and philanthropy

You believe children everywhere deserve a chance to thrive.  And you know your child can contribute to making that a reality for our world.  You know people can’t solve problems they don’t know about, so you have worked with Social Promise to teach your child about life in rural Uganda.

And you continue to give your child the tools to think creatively about improving the world.

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You deserve to know how your donations are spent

You know the poorest people in the poorest places don’t deserve to be suffering. So you donated generously to support education, healthy living, and medical care in rural Uganda.

You deserve to know exactly how your donation is being used every time you give. We’re going to tell you.

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You are a part of a caring community

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